Commissioning an original work of art is an exhilarating and fulfilling experience. 

Every patron has different expectations, and through engagement into the creative process, my goal is to ensure that my patrons treasure the final product.

I often work from a single photograph or a combination of different images around the subject. This starts the conversation around what kind of painting the patron wants and what is the story and background behind the subject. For local patrons, I can also do photo sessions and sketches of subjects in my studio. 

At the beginning stage, we discuss aspects of the imagery that the patron wants to keep vs. change. Once we determine the painting subject, dimensions, time frame for delivery and any other requests around the artwork, we sign a commission contract.

As specified in the commission contract, I involve the patron at least once during the creation process. I either send a photograph of the unfinished painting or, for local patrons, I might present the unfinished work in my studio. By reconnecting with the patron and being open to suggestions, I can make any needed refinements. 

The price of the commissioned painting depends on how much detail the patron wants in the subject,foreground, and background. A painting with a neutral background and a single subject starts at a base price depending on the painting's dimensions.

Single subject base prices:

16x20    $960
18x24    $1200
24x36    $2500